SMD Rework Solution

We are specialist for SMD Rework such as 0402 chip, CSP,BGA and QFP etc.

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Technical Report

Rework Solution Technical Report(PDF 1.05MB)
The Best Heating System For Reworking(PDF 179KB)


MSSeries_Catalog(PDF 624KB)

MS9000SAN3 Rework Station

Movie MS9000SAN Demo Movie *with sound

Presentation MS9000SAN Presentation(PPT 34.2MB)

MS7000 Nano-Rework Station

Movie MS7000DemoMovie-0603(EIA 0201)Rework

for narrowband(5.77MB) *Flash Player is required

for broadband(MPG 66.2MB)

MS6000 Nano-Rework Station

Movie MS6000DemoMovie-0402(EIA 01005)Rework *with sound

for narrowband(2.33MB) *Flash Player is required

for broadband(MPG 34.0MB)

MSX500 X Ray Inspection System

Manual MSX500_manual(PDF 410KB)
Movie MSX500 Demo Movie

for narrowband(2.45MB) *Flash Player is required

for broadband(MPG 29.6MB)

RBL Re-Balling Jig


Re-Balling Demo Movie *with sound

for narrowband(4.85MB) *Flash Player is required

for broadband(MPG 39.6MB)


Re-balling Jig MSC101RB


MRS850 Ball Mounter

Moviel MRS850 Ball Mounter


RTTS555 Wire-Less Reflow Checker

Manual RTTS Operation Manual(PDF 1.89MB)

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