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PR1 BGA Solder Ball Checker

The solder ball of mounted BGA is checking easily by pocket type checker.

The checker has strap, thus, always near by you.

PR1 have a LED light with a battery.

It is also made check for lead of a QFP and Tip Parts etc.

It is very easy use.

Outline of Operation

PR1 is a pocket type handy checker for solder ball of BGA. It can check the image which is the prism of the top and was changed 90 degrees. And the image is expanded with the lens, it is about x7 magnifications. It is an attached strap and it is always together with you.





The materials of the body are conductive for an anti-static electricity.

PR1 can also be check the lead of QFP and the tip parts, it will be the good friend who helps you.

Parts Set


Consist of...


image sample


Sample Image


PR1 has a lighting system, it is by white-LED. It is illuminate to the target, thus, you can check of the image with cleared. The LED operate by the battery.


The sensor prism



The sensor prism is by special glass, and the tip of the prism is thin, it should be operation with carefully.

The sensor prism and the battery are exchangeable.

lighting image


LED Lighting

image check


Check Image


Item Specification
Image magnification about x7
Real View 10mm
Prism 8mm wide by special-glass
LED Lighting LED by CR2016 battery
Weight approx. 25g
Size 50H x 30W x 15t mm
Accessory Strap
Spare Parts RP-1S Sensor Prism / CR2016 Battery

The specification are subject to change without notice.

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