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N2 Gas Generator

MS9000SAN Rework System + MS15N N2 Gas Generator

The Photograph is attaching of MS15N N2 Gas Generator for MS9000SAN Rework System

MS15N is N2 gas generator only for rework system. It can be used with almost all the hot air heating type rework system. And it can connect also for current use rework system.

It is very little cost and, moreover, easily get of the heating environment by N2 gas



MS15N is applies the oxygen separation function of Polymide resin and increase the density of nitroge. Therefore, also in operation, it is silent and a power supply is unnecessary.






Item Description
Air Supply 0.5~0.8Mpa 10~40L/min
Air Connection IN / OUT 6Фmm Air Tube
N2 Gas 95% /0.7Mpa 20L/min
Demention 700W x 120D x 110Hmm 7.0Kg appox.

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