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TUN Solder Transcriber



This is a universal printing Tool to almost all kinds of BGA.

Four kinds of printing thickness of solder are prepared.

A Metal mask is unnecessary.


TUN type of Solder Transcriber consist of TUN-1 and TUN-2.

TUN-1 is a main frame with squeegee, and TUN-2 is a solder transcribe tool.





TUN-1 Main Frame

A supply of cream solder






Set-up of the TUN-2 Transcribe Tool.


Remarks: The cream solder must be for transcribe.

(it is a viscosity has less it than a stencil type.)

BGA Supply






Completed of solder printing.




TUN-2 Transcribe Tool.

TUN-2 has a ditch of four kinds of depth.

Choose the ditch suitable for the coating thickness of solder. And supplying of the cream solder.

Then, Cream solder is correctly filled up with a squeegee into a ditch.



After Squeegeeing, TUN-2 setup at the rework system,Then transcribe of the solder to the BGA.

TUN-1 with TUN-2


TUN-1: Squeegee Station


TUN-2: Transcribe Tool.





Item Description
Compornent Size Tip size~30 x 30mm
Printing Thickness A/B/C/D 100/120/150/200μmm
TUN-1 Size 200W x 180D x 85Hmm 2.7Kg appox.

TUN-2 Size

150L x 60W x 10t mm 0.6Kg approx.

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