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Handy-Type Metal-Mask Cleaner


RMC1000 is Ultrasonic-manual metal-Mask Cleaner.

It is a metal mask cleaner kit for reworking systems. .

It is a handy type which cleans the 45Ф mm in diameter easily.

IIt can be used for the metal mask of all sizes. .


RMC1000 cleans a metal mask by TPT (twist peeling Off technology) of an ultrasonic.At TPT, the output of an ultrasonic wave is twisted by a reflector, and it cleans at high efficiency by combining them.

The cleaning unit is a handy type 60 mm in diameter. And work is very easy because it is the weight of 400 g.

Moreover, MRC1000 is the kit which arranged all tools required for cleaning. (Except a solvent)




Please set the metal mask on it after putting a soft pad on the palette. And please apply a suitable amount of Solvent to the metal mask with an attached flux pen.

If a cleaning-head is setting and cleaning is started, a metal mask will be cleaned in about 10 seconds.

please exchange the soft pad for timely. Because a soft pad takes in the dirt of a metal mask.


The USB nicroscope-camera is used connecting with your PC. The magnification of the maximum is 250.

With a SND printing tool


With a RBC-1 printing tool

In 5565/5560 size mask


USB Camera




Standard Accessories;

An Ultrasonic generator, a Cleaning head, a Stainless steel pallet, a Cleaner-container (with a special pen), and the USB microscope(Except of PC & monitor)、 for an inspection are standard accessories. .

RMC1000 Metal-Mask Cleaning Kit ..................Carrying case for full set.




Item Specification
Ultrasonic Generator 40KHz AC90~240V 40VA 1250g
Cleaning Head Creanig Aera Ф45mm x 400g approx.
Stainless steel pallet 270W x 210D x 30mmH x 550g
USB Micro-scope 200M Pixels 250X max. by USB
Windows8.1~10 / Mac OS-X

6Kg approx. (with carrying case)

Size of Carrying-Case 375W x 245D x 265H mm

The specification are subject to change without notice.

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