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The nozzle for Rework System MS9000SAN shireies & MS9000SE.


Nozzle for MS9000SAN-III & MS9000SE.


Since a z axis is automatic, the equipment differs in connection from the nozzle of MS series.

The vacuum bit is attached to the head side of the machine. It is because the Z axis was made full automatic operation.

However, compatibility is possible for MS9000 series and MS9000SE with completely same hood of nozzles. They differ only in a junction. Therefore Model number of the nozzle is used of the package size, such as 2727Z10M. It is for 27x27mm of BGA.



0000Z00 Refllow nozzle & MS9000SE-CHU tweezers nozzle

For chip size parts nozzle Model MS9000SE-CHU


The nozzle can respond from 01005 to 0805. The adjustment size of a nozzle is available at exchange of a spacer. The spacer for these adjustments is attached to a nozzle.


Original Tweezers hold 01005, The spacer can choose 0201/0402/0603/0805.




Nozzle for MS9000S to MS9000SAN-III Rework System.

MS series Nozzle is compatible to the all MS series Rework Machine.

It is made possible of reworking for all most all SMD.

It can be reworking of the special SMD, such as a shield cover, BGA socket, and MCA etc.

A special center bit can also be manufactured.
  So, It is possible of pick up for special surface SMD.

MS rework nozzle is strongly and easy handling.

Outline of the MS Nozzle

Standard Nozzle

Cross bit nozzle

Parts Clip Nozzle

BGA socket nozzle
The package is taken up horizontally by the center-bit with bit- ring. the bit ring is slid up and down and attracts the package certainly. The height of the center-bit is changeable, it should be adjusted to height of the package. And it will be possible if the lock-nut of the center-bit is loosened. So, MS rework nozzle will be made possible of reworking that all most all of the SMD. Furthermore, we can manufacture of special nozzle hood and also center-bit. It became possible to even rework the SMD of special form by that cause.

Setting of the nozzle

We recommend of the position that the BGA holds (H) is about 0.5mm in the nozzle. It is because, when the BGA are mounted on the board, the vacuum of the center bit is off, therefore, the BGA is falls slightly on the board. And the BGA should be in the best position to heating then.

Nozzle effect

The best position of the nozzle when heating is a position slightly higher than the surface of the BGA. Then, BGA has self- alignment in the soldering. probably, the position of the height of the nozzle at that time should always be the same, when repeating. It is because, the temperature profile will also change if the height was change. There is the stopper on the rework machine for it.

Model of the nozzle has decided
 by the package size + Package type + Size data

4545:45.0x45.0mm of the package size
B: B is for BGA / Q is for QFP / S is for SOP etc.
00:the diameter of inner of the nozzle is + 0.5mm to the package size.
10:the diameter of inner of the nozzle is + 1.0mm to the package size.


The nozzle is manufactured by the size of the package. The table is the example:

Nozzle Type Package size Inner size of Nozzle
0505B05M 5.0x5.0mm 5.5x5.5mm
0507B05M 5.0x7.0mm 5.5x7.5mm
1010B05M 10.0x10.0mm 10.5x10.5mm
1111B05M 11.0x11.0mm 11.5x11.5mm
1212B05M 12.0x12.0mm 12.5x12.5mm
1515B10M 15.0x15.0mm 16.0x16.0mm
2020B10M 20.0x20.0mm 21.0x21.0mm
2525B10M 25.0x25.0mm 26.0x26.0mm
2727B10M 27.0x27.0mm 28.0x28.0mm
3030B10M 30.0x30.0mm 31.0x31.0mm
3535B10M 35.0x35.0mm 36.0x36.0mm
4040B10M 40.0x40.0mm 42.0x42.0mm
4545B10M 45.0x45.0mm 46.0x46.0mm

The specification are subject to change without notice.

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