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MS1000U BGA Scope:

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MS1000U BGA Scope

The solder ball of mounted BGA is checking clearly by the sensor prism.

The image can be checking on the monitor of the PC by about 150 magnifications.

MS1000U can be connected to the PC by USB2.0.

MS1000U has a lighting source. Therefore, a clear image is obtained.

The prism sensor is exchangeable, Therefore, directly magnification also possible.

Outline of Operation

MS1000U is the probe type handy operation scope. It has 2 type os the prism sensor, One is for BGA and other one is such as for QFP. When checking of the solder ball of BGA, it is by R type prism. In this case, image axis is bent 90 degrees. and when checking of such as QFP, it is by S type prism, In this case, image axis is straight.

BGA Scope

BGA Image by R type prism


MS1000U has a lighting system, it is by white-LED. It is illuminate to the target through prism, therefore very cleared image will be obtained. The image data is provided to the PC with USB2.0, and the data could be processing with the application software in the PC, such as the Photo shop.

The sensor prism

The sensor prism is by special glass, and the tip of the prism is thin, it should be operation with carefully. They are two types, one is R, other one is S, and exchange can do them easily.

Prism sensor

QFP Image by S type prism


Item Specification
CCD Camera Inter-line system 1/4 inch CCD
Resolution 480K pixel / SVGA800 x 600
Frame 30 FPS
Data out USB2.0
PC Windows: ME / 2000 / XP
PC Pentium 350 Mhz or more
Lighting LED white high luminosity
Prism sensor R 12H x 5W x 2t mm special Flat glass prism
Prism Sensor S 15H x 5W x 4tmm Straight type
Magnification 150 on the screen approx.
View range 1 x 2mm
Power Supply by USB
Dimension 160L x 45D mm
Weight 0.25Kg approx.

The specification are subject to change without notice.

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