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RBC-1 Re-balling Tool:

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RBC-1 Re-Balling & Printing Tool (for almost all BGA)


DEMO MOVIE for Standard Model



Re-Balling & Printing of almost all BGA is possible.

Positioning of BGA is very easy and exact. even rectanble BGA.

Since RB-1 is almighty, it become reduction of the cost.

Since RBC-1 is easy to operate, an expert is unnecessary.


RBC1 set

RBC-1 Re-balling & Printing Tool Set

RBC-1 re-balling jig has the following accessories:
  • Mask Holder for re-balling and for Printing.
  • Auto centering unit for the component.
  • Movement unit for setup of the component.
  • Heating Unit for soldering.
  • Hand Squeegee.
  • Vacuum ring for samll package.
    • Special tools, etc.
    • Dial Gage 

    RBC-1 Reballing & Printing Tool

    auto centering

    Auto-Centering system

    auto centering

    Dial Gauge for Z position         

    Re-Balling process-1: (Solder Printing)


    metal mask
    Metal Mask Holder


  • The Land of the package should be cleaning first by solder cleaner, such as solder wick, etc.
    The package is able to set to RBC-1 by the auto centering unit, easily and exactly.
    The metal mask for printing is setup to the mask holder has the guide pins, it completed by one-touch.
    Solder paste is added and printing it by the squeegee.
    After printing, the printing mask unit is removed.
  • Re-Balling Process-2: ( Solder Ball added )

    ball supply

    mask holder
    Re-balling Mask Holder
  • Change the mask holder to the re-balling mask.
    The re-balling mask holder is setting up instead of the printing mask unit.
    Since exchange of each holder has guide pins, it completed by one touch.
    Solder ball is poured in, Then remove the re-balling mask holder.
    The excessive solder ball which suck up is send to the attached bottle.
  • Re-Balling Process-3: (Solder ball heating )

    The completed replaced ball on the BGA must be heating by the rework system. It is for fixed ball to the package. In that case. the heating temperature will be completion, if a solder ball adheres to the package. It will be lower to the soldering profile.
    heating moovment
    Movement Tool

    After re-balling

    Probably, with an attached movement tool, BGA which ball mounting completed is easily movable to the heating process.

    RBC-1 Printing Operation.

  • Printing by PBC-1 is possible to the BGA which re-balling, and or new one. The function is included of RBC-1.
    The movement tool with the BGA can be setting on the SND-ADP parts supply unit.
    The nozzle of the rework machine can be pick the BGA up of center from the Jig easily.
    The function determines center with X and Y automatically.
    An angle & height are adjusted independently by manual.

    Parts Supply Unit

    heating plate
    Heating Tool



    RBC-1L responds to large-sized BGA up to 100x100 mm.


    Auto-Centaring Tool for RBC-100 & RBC-1.

    The body size of RBC-100 is 160Wx280Dx230Hmm & 3.5Kg. .The size of attached parts is also larger than the machine for RBC-1.
    However, performance is not different from RBC-1

    RBC-100 Re-Baring & Printing Tool

    POP Adapter RBC-1A (Option)


  • Printing & Re-balling by PBC-1 is possible to the POP type BGA. In that case, it is required of the RBC-1A optional accessories.
    The added package is avoided, BGA is held and work is possible

  • POP Adapter



    Micro BGA Adapter RBC-1B (Option)


  • PRBC-1B adapter is used when the diameter of BGA is 0.3mm or less. The adputer is fixed to the printing mask and the drift by heating after positioning is prevented.

  • Micro BGA Adapter


    Special Accessories:



  • After supplying a solder ball, the vacuum pump is arranged in order to suck up the surplus ball. It is unnecessary if there is air pipe arrangement.
  • Spec: AC90~240V 200VA: /30L/min / 0.15Mpa
  • Size: 142W x 215L x 180H mm
  • Weight: 5Kg Approx.
  • Air Connection: by 6Фmm Air tube

  • RBC-1-V


  • Cleaning of a mask is possible for not removing from the holder.
  • Cleaning of the hole of a mask adds a little cleaning fluid, and completes it in about 2sec
  • Spec: AC90~240V 40VA: /30L/min / 0.15Mpa
  • Palete Size: 200W x 280L x 20H mm
  • Frequency: 40KHz




    RBC-1 Maine Specifications: (RBC-100)


    Item Description
    Compornents CSP/BGA/LGA/LLP/POP/QFN/etc
    Package Size 3.0 x 3.0 mm ~ 50.0 x 50.0 mm (□3x3~□100x100mm)
    Balll Size 0.1 ~ 0.76 D mm
    Ball Pitch 0.3 ~ 1.27 mm
    Table Adjust X / Y / Z : 0.01 minimum
    Rottion Adjust Up to 3.0 Degres
    Air Supply 0.15 ~ 0.8 Mpa (by 6D mm Tube)
    Accessories Mask-Holder for Print & Re-ball / Centering T
    Carrier / Heating Tool / Squeegee / Ball H
    Optional Acc RBC-1A(for POP)/-1B(for Micro ball)Adapter
    Weight 3.0Kg approx, (3.5Kg approx)


    130W x 250D x 165H mm approx.(160Wx280Dx230Hmm)

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