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We are specialist for SMD Rework such as 0402 chip, CSP,BGA and QFP etc.

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ND5300 Rework Center

The solder bath is a jet flow system, and jet flow time is automatically operated by the controller which it was set up in advance. The reworked parts should be pull up by hand if process was completed.

ND5300 is the rework system for through- hole board.

Reworking is by jet flow soldering

The nozzle for reworking can be change, therefore, it can be reworking of the all most all parts.

Lead free soldering is possible.

It is a best seller machine with the actual result for 20years or more.


ND5300 is a reworking system for through hole type board. The machine has the solder bath, and it can be put in of the 25Kg solder. When reworking, ND5300 is required the nozzle of the size suitable for the reworking parts.


Remove and soldering of the parts are same controlled operation on the machine. And operation of the machine is by foot switch. When reworking the parts of under the board, it is possible by lowering the work table.

Target Mark

Lighting Target

The position of the reworking parts can be check by the target mark. It is the lighting mark of a cross. The positioning of the nozzle is possible easily by the mark.



Item Specification
Solder Bath 25 Kg max
Temperature Range 200---350 C degrees max
Controller Accuracy 1C degree
Nozzle Size up-to 50x80mm
Jet Flow Variable Screw
Work Table 350x 435mm
Table Height Adjust 20mm max
Table Mat Heat Resisted and Conductivity
Target Marking Bright mark
Heater High-density cartridge heater
Power 100V 1.25KVA
Dimension 350W x 630D x 560Hmm 40Kg approx.
Air 0.3Mpa or more

The specification are subject to change without notice.


The nozzles are made by request of the customer needs.

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