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MSX2500 Tomography:

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MSX2500 Tomography Inspection System



  • Newest Technology; Tomography by lamina-graphy system.
  • High Speed;The time of a tomogram is 1 second slightly.
  • High Resolution: The accuracy of a image is 25 microns or more.
  • Low Price; The price is reasonable.
  • Easy Maintenance: The crosed type 5micron X ray tube.
  • In-Line test speed: The test time can be covered of in-line.

  • Abstract:

    MSX2500 is tomography inspection system by lamina-graphy, It is the best inspection system to the multi-sided mounting board with high density. The system is able to operate like in-line test machine by linking conveyor system, such as board loader and un-loader.

    The lamina-graphy is the theory which synchronized two items in from three items such as a X ray generator, a detector, and a test material.MSX2500 is synchronized of the X ray generator and the detector, and there are rotated within around 1 second. and also they themselves rotate. If it does so, a image focusing will be fixed, and the fixed position of the focus can be change by the relational position change of the two items.
    The accuracy of the image is 25 micron or less when the image area is 10 x 8mm. and the position of FP can be chosen in a height of within 13mm.






    MSX2500 Lamina-Graphy System




    Information of the X Ray:

    The X ray is an electromagnetic wave with short wave-length, it can pass through between an atom and atoms. The wavelength of visible is about several microns, but the x ray is about . and a penetration is in inverse proportion to the density. Generally, It is managed by the rule of the Government. It is because, the x ray gives a physiologically effect to a live-body.
    MSX2500 is managed of the radiation less than 1 micro Sv/ Hours / cm. It is lower than the color television, the CRT of the color television is always emitting the several micro Sv/H of radiation. and also there is same levels of radiation in the atmosphere always.
    The radiation of MSX2500 is controlled by the very safety level. It is very safety zone. Furthermore, MSX2500 is used of the X ray in the sealed box. and it is with sufficient interlock function.



    Test operation Images by MSX2500

    Laminate BGA


    This is an test sample, in case of two kinds of the BGA is mounted of surface and reverse-side at the board.

    The tested image of the position B level is displayed on the screen when the FP of the tomogram is setup as B level.

    And also test image of the position A will be displayed on the screen when the FP is setuped as A level.

    The tested image of the C will be displayed when tested by the fluoroscopy system. In this case, inspection will be impossible by the image A and B overlaps.

    The test position of the FP can be adjust in the height of a maximum of 13mm from the surface of the test table.



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    A image
    The test image at A.


    b image
    The Test image at B


    c image

    TheTest image by C


    SAMPLE IMAGES by Auto-Checked




     boday demension

    MSX2500: 1020W x 1720H x 1260Dmm

    Semi-In-Line System:
    MSX2500 can be check with high speed, it will be inspection around 1 second by 10 x 8 mm area. And also the system can be test by the programmable XY automatic controller. Therefore, it can operate as automatic X ray tomography inspection system by with the optional loader with the un-loader system.


    MSX2500:semi- In-Line type Tomography System

    The Specification to:

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