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MSC-01WARP Upper Warp Prevention Jig

MSC-01WARP has prevented of the board warp when heating.

Positioning and adjusting of the jig is very easy, furthermore, it is certainly.

It is very easy and certainly to set the support pin to the under side of the board.


It is very important to hold the board firmly in reworking. If it is so, exact and stabilized reworking will be possible. It is the first condition for making reworking successful.

MS9000SAN-07S/L Board Clamp Jig

MS9000SAN holds the board in Z type slot of the X rails. the Z slot is holds of the board and also prevented warp. When the board is complicated form, it holds by the attached board clamp Jig.

MSC-02WARP Under Support Pins

MSC-02WARP is a standard accessory. The pin rail can be inserted and locked to the back side of the XY table. Therefore, the pins position is reproducible at any time.

How to use the board hold Jig

The XY table of MS9000SAN can be remove from the base. And the XY table is equipped with the under support pins system. Therefore, pin positioning of the under the board will be easy, and it could do correctly. It is very convenient in the double-side mounted board.

The XY Table of MS9000SAN

When the board still warp, even if it supported by the under support pins, Furthermore, there is the supporting jig for upper side of the board.

MSC-01WARP Upper support pins Jig :(Option)

MSC-01WARP can be equipped on the X rails, and the setting position is free. the upper support pin can be setup on the support pin rail, and the pin height is adjustable. However, we will recommend that the jig is no need when reworking. It will be satisfactory in almost all case by MS9000SAN. It is because, MS9000SA has many measures and device that the board does not get a heart damage and also warp by in part heating. Please use MSC-01WARP if it surely warp.
MSC-01WARP Upper Support Pins

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