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MR2533A Table Top Type Reflow System

MR2533A is the table top type reflow which can get the very stable room temperature with quickly. Temperature control system ITTS(Intelligence Thermal Trace System) is used with the rework system of our main products. ITTS made rework system highly efficient, and moreover made it easy-to-use. It was completely applied also for reflow oven.


Easy create of the optima temperature profile by ITTS.

Easy operation by touch-panel controller.

Installation is possible at a small place by table top type.

Ready time is very shortly with highly efficient heater.

The stability of room temperature is less than 5 degrees.



MR2533A has universal type board holder, and it fixes a board by spring. Furthermore, the board holder can be detached and attached from the drawer of the machine. All of creation of heating conditions, a setup, or operation are from the touch panel. Therefore, operation is very easy and can be correctly. NR2533A has an input for N2 gas. Therefore, it is possible to use by N2gas. The body is the structure where it is divided into two up and down, it is for easy maintenance.


For easy maintenance


First Screen ....../.........Key board on the screen

Control of MR2533A is on the monitor panel except of the switch for emergency stop and power source.. and the monitor is a touch panel. All of a setup of data and the operation of the machine are from the touch panel. The key board will be appears on the screen when it is required.


Back image

MR2533A has 2 of Exhaust, they will be cooling in the oven quickly. Furthermore, There is a input for supplying of N2 gas. And also output for testing of N2 gas. Each can open and close with a lever.

Board Holder

There is a board holder in the machine, and the holder can be desorb easily. The holder can hold a board by adjustable one. Furthermore, the under support pin system is attached. Since the holder is separable, a position of a support pin is easy and, moreover, exact.





Item Specification
Board Size 50x50mm min.~ 250 x 330mm max.
Board Thickness & Weight 0.5mm min.~ 3.5mm max. 3.0Kg max.
Board Installation Universual Board Holder
Top & Bottom of the board Space 20mm max. (each)
Heating Method Extreme Infared Radiation
Cooling Methed 125Фmm Two Exhaust
Uppere Heater IR 1800VA (300VA x 6)
Lower Heater IR 1800VA (300VA x 6)
Temperature Controller Automatic Thermal Profile Control System (ITTS)
Operation By Touch Panel
Profile Data File 80 files (40 files for ITTS / 40 files for Manual)
Measuring Temp 2CH for ITTS control
Temp Accuracy Less than ±5℃
Power Supply 200~240V 4.1KVA 2P
Outer Dimension 780W x 750D x 720Hmm 90Kg approx.
N2 gas (If used) 0.3Mpa or more

The specification are subject to change without notice.



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