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RBL Re-Balling Jig(for lead pitch 0.8mm or more)

Re-Balling of a BGA (CSP) is possible by RBL re-balling Jig easy and exactly.

The jig can be using for all most all size of the BGA and CSP.

The metal mask of the RBL jig is made by the BGA,CSP.

The BGA after re-balling can be supply to the nozzle of the machine directly.

Movie Re-Balling Demo *with sound

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RBL Jig is a manual re-balling jig for BGA and CSP. It must be makes the metal mask to the BGA,CSP. However, RBL jig can be using for any kinds of the metal-mask.

RBL Re-balling Jig

It has to clean beforehand the package to re-balling. and then, the package must be printing of solder by SND printing Jig.

Solder Ball Supplying

Solder Printing to the package

Re-Balling process

Supplying the solder ball into the RBL jig, and surplus ball throws away. Then, the BGA package with solder printed is put on to the RBL jig.

BGA is put on to the RBL
Furthermore, the block is put on to the BGA . Then, it is made reversed and places on the working table.

Then, the RBL jig is removed from the table.

Reversed RBL, on the table.
The BGA is moved to the board, from the block.

The BGA is on the block
The BGA on the board is set in the rework system and heating. It is for fixed of the ball to the package. In the case of the heating, the optimal temperature profile will be all-most same as soldering it, However, maximum temperature will be enough even if somewhat low. The optimal temperature should be decided by real operation.

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