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OP-TB01 Vision Calibration Toolkit

This is a toolkit for calibration of the accuracy of the vision system.

The accuracy when mounting of the parts will become higher.

It can be also use for management of the temperature profile.


The vision system of MS series is by optically. Two image which position are compounded, and they has checked on the screen. If the image of A and B is join focus on the screen, the position of A and B has completed. Of course in the case of A and B, is completed same image.

Cariblation Kit

Vison Cariblation

Actually, A is the package which the nozzle holds. and B is the pattern on the board. The vision system has same beam length, therefore, they are the image of the same magnification on the screen. If the XY table is moved, the image of B will move on the screen. and A is moved in the rotation.

If the image of A=B is checked on a screen, two images will overlap completely. If the image has not overlap completely, in this case, the vision system should be calibration, and then the images must be overlap completely on the screen.

OP-TB01 calibration kit has the QFP and the board of 0.4mm pitch. Calibration is started after correctly mounting of the QFP on the board. It will be checked, the images on the screen is overlap completely. When that is not right, please adjust of the calibrator of the system by the manual.

Temperature profile Check

OP-TB01 calibration kit has the BGA and the board. They are used, the temperature profile is measured and the data is saved. And the situation also should be saved for maintenance. It will be managed of the heating characteristic of the system.

OP-TB01 is consisted as

Item Details
Calibration Nozzle Special Center bit Nozzle x 1
Test Board The standard Board fof QFP & BGA x 3
BGA BGA 35x35mm 404pin x 3
QFP QFP 30x30mm 0.4mm ??? x 3
Hexagonal Wrench 4 mm x 1
Hexagonal Wrench 2 mm x 1

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