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RTTS555 Wire-Less Reflow Checker

RTTS555 is used with the windws PC.
  (with RS232C interface, and or USB2.0 by special cable)

It is wire less real time data checker system.

It has 6 colors of 6 channels data check.

The software can be analyzed of the data.
  (a peak data and a time interval data for each channeles)

The data can be conversion to CSV format. (for Windows Excel)

The yes-no decision of the profile is possible for every channel.

As for more details, please refer to the document "RTTS Operation Manual".

Outline of Operation

RTTS555 wire less reflow checker is for temperature profile measuring when reflow process. The sensor is used of the CA K type thermocouple, and it has six input terminals. The checker is used with widows PC, they should be connected by RS232C and or USB2.0 cable. The data can be printed out with the form specified to the A4 size paper. Of course, the data can be color specification.

Wire-less Profile Checker


The software which can do analysis of a time interval and a peak data is attached. The time interval is possible for every channel, If the set up temperature data is inputed. Then, each time data is obtained. Of course, it is also a peak temperature data. Those data is printed out, with the graph data. The maximum Y data is 300 C degrees and also X data is selectable from 2,4,6,7,8,10 min. It is because, RTTS555 is only for reflow process.

The sensor

The attached sensor is 0.2mm Diameters x 50c m CA K type. It is connected with the transmitter, the data will be sending to the receiver with real time by wire less. In the case, The distance of data which can be transmitted is about 20m.

wire-less data sending system

How to use the sensor

The sensor must be completely contacted to the board or the package. The graph will become zigzag, if the sensor not completed contacted to the subject. In that case, it has to adhesion to the subject. Since, the all most all mistake of temperature measuring will be a mistake by sensor trouble. Exactly temperature measurement is indispensable to exactly reworking.

Automatic profile Check

Success or failure of the profile can be check for every channel with real time. The range of a judgment is set up beforehand, it is a dialogue on the screen, it is easy.


Item Specification
Input CH 6CH color
Temperature Range 0--300C degrees
Time Range 2,4,6,7,8,10 min.
Data Sampling 0.1 sec.
Accuracy plus minus 1.5 C degree
Sensor CA (K)
Data Monitor Windows PC
Operation Software 98/ME/2000/XP
PC Pentium 266MHz or more
Monitor VGA640x480 or more
Battery Nicad Type5 x 3
Transmitter Carrier 117---298mm
Transmitter Size 89W x 285L x 25Hmm 750g approx.
Receiver Size 108W x 227D x 142H mm 2.1Kg approx.
Power 200--240V 50VA
Dimension 200L x 250D x 60Hmm
Weight 0.5Kg approx.

The specification are subject to change without notice.


Standard Accessory:

1. Transmitter x 1
2. Receiver x 1
3. AC power cable x 1
4 CA(K) sensor 0.2Dmm x 50cmx 6
5, High Temperature Tape x 1
6. Software FD x 1
7.RS232C cable x 1
8.Charger cable x 1

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