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MSC-01K Solder Cleaning Kit

MSC-01K is consisted of a special flux, special solder and special solder wick.

MSC01K is for removing the remains solder on the board safely and easily.

It works by lowering the temperature which solder dissolves to about 100 degrees.

It does not damage the land of the board, since it can work at a low temperature.

It there is even a soldering iron, cleaning can be easily.

It is very low cost.

Outline of Operation

First step, the flux is applied to the land. And then, special solder is added by a electric iron. The dissolution temperature of the solder on the land will be about 100 degrees C. The electrical iron that temperature controlled is recommendable when to the work. Then, the temperature of the land is since it does not become high beyond necessity. And next, suck up remains solder on the land by the solder wick with the electrical iron.

Ingredient of the solder: (%)

Type Item Sn Pb Bi In
MSC-01Kpb PB Solder 12 18 49 21
MSC-01K for PB Free 30 0 49 21

Ingredient of the flux: (%)

Activation Rosin 40
Optical Capitol 30
Bensine Alcohol 25
Wax 5

Contained Parts

Item Details Quantity
Special Solder 160mm 5 pieces
Special Flux Halogen Free 2.5mL
Special Wick 1.9Wmm x 1.5m 1 roll

The flux is applied

The solder is added

Solder Cleaning


The specification are subject to change without notice.

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