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ST50K Sensor kit

ST50K is CA-K type sensor kit for Rework System.

The sensor ST50 is best of sensing for surface temperature, It is fl ut sheet type sensor.

The special lead cable for the sensor can be easy and exact connection
  with the sensor and the machine.

The accessory high temperature tape is indispensable to positive temperature measuring.

The sensor can be use repeatedly.


ST50 sensor is made of junction of two kinds of metals of the C and the A. The sensing point is very small as the drawing. In case of setting of the sensor to the BGA or the board, it must be able to be made to just position.

Furthermore, the sensor must be fixed firmly to the BGA or the board. If it is not setting firmly, the temperature curve will shake. If it is right, the temperature curve will be gently-sloping.

Sensor Kit

ST50-300 sensor

Sensor setting

ST50 sensor has adhesives at the sensing zone. However, we recommend to more-ever fix by the tape. And it should also be fixed of a lead position as the drawing.


Item Specification
ST50-300 CA-K 0.35t x .67W x 300mm x 5 pieces
Temperature 0---300 C degrees
Special Lead Cable 1M x 5 pieces
Connector of the cable Clip connector + CMP plug
ST50-2 High Temp. Tape 12Wmmx10M x 1 volume
Thermo Couple CA-K 50

Temperature measuring

The best sensor position of the temperature measuring at reworking is A. In the case, the sensor must be inserted to the hole of the board. but it will be difficult when reworking. Therefore, we recommend of the point B by the sensor of ST50, in this case, The temperature will be possible at the almost same as at point A. It is because, MS9000SAN ITTS is operated so that B and C points may almost equal. therefore, B is almost same as A.

Optional Sensor

ST50-100 type sensor is 107mm length. . It can be shipment of 5 pieces in one package. other specification is same as ST50-300.




ST51S has a very narrow end.It is suitable as a temperature sensor for fine parts. A connection lead is in common.


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