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We are specialist for SMD Rework such as 0402 chip, CSP,BGA and QFP etc.

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MS7000 Nano-Rework Station


Item Specifications
Board size 50x50---100x150mm
Thickness 0.5--2.5mm
Weight 1Kg max.
Top Space up to 25mm max.
Bottom Space up to 25mm max.
XY Table Fine Adjust +&- 7.5mm max.
Moving Range

100x>100mm max.

Board Holder Z Slot or Holder Jig
Board Support Under side 4 pins by 2 rails
Z Axis Manual
Accuracy Repetition Accuracy: +&-:0.025mm
Adjustable Angle Nozzle Angle Adjuster:+&- 5 degrees
Vision System Component Size: 0402(EIA 01005)--27BGA
Magnification :zooming x300 max.
Focus Auto/Manual selectable
Monitor 14inch High resolution color monitor.
5cc+0.25mm needle
Heater System Top by Hot air 260x4=1040VA
Bottom by IR 680VA (60x200mm )
Controller Touched Panel System
Control System PID control
Manual Mode 4+1 zones PID Control
Data Setting Top heater: 000---450
Bottom Heater: 000---600
Time Range Heating: 000----999 sec.
Cooling: 000----999 sec. (Manual/Auto)
Temp. Measuring 3 CH by CA-K sensor
Data Save 80 files max.
Solder Cleaner Vacuum (option)
Power 220-240V AC 2 phase 2.0KVA
Air 0.5Mpa (N2 possible)
Dimension 510Wx630Dx800Hmm
Weight 85Kg approximate.

The specification are subject to change without notice.

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