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We are specialist for SMD Rework such as 0402 chip, CSP,BGA and QFP etc.

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MS7000 Nano-Rework Station

Cleaning and Dispense

Cleaning of solder for very narrow area such as 0402 is used of the cleaning head instead of reflow nozzle. And the probe is used in case of BGA, CSP etc, in this case, exchange of the head is unnecessary.

It is the system which suck up the solder which has melted by the vacuum. This unit is supplied as an option.

NV2300 Solder Cleaner


MS7000 also has a dispenser, It is our original developed system. It can be dispense of the solder paste even to very narrow are,such as 0402.

Dispenser has 5cc syringe, normally attached needle is 0.25mm diameter. it is for 0402 chip parts. This is our original development cylinder type dispense system. It can supply of the solder paste of small quantity such as to the 0402 land.

It is the system of sending out the solder paste of required quantity by the linear cylinder. the operation is by pedal switch.

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