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We are specialist for SMD Rework such as 0402 chip, CSP,BGA and QFP etc.

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MS7000 Nano-Rework Station

Chip Parts Mount

The central glass palette is the supply table of chip parts as 0402.
Chip parts are supplied at random on the circular glass palette. And chip parts can be check on the monitor, It is because, the vision system is checking the image from under the glass. The circular glass palette can be moves as left and right, and also rotation. The position of the chip parts should be adjusted so that the tweezers head can be pickup correctly.
The vision system can be magnification of maximum 300 on the monitor. It can be check even as 0402 chip parts.

Tweezers head is able to supplied to each of the size of the chip. The tweezers head can be take up exactly, if there are 200 microns or more of gaps between of the chip parts.

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